I received an email today from my young cousin and the subject bar reads “The worst job I’ve ever had.”

My 21 year old cousin has taken a job with a call center and it’s her responsibility to ‘cold call’ potential customers and persuade them to buy gas and electric from her.

I chuckled to myself as I read the email, not only because some poor sucker gave my cousin a job, but also because I thought ‘cold calling’ had gone out with the arc… It’s like hearing that MC Hammer pants are back in and we should all rush out to get a pair. Shocking news, and when you actually see people in them, you can’t help but chuckle.

When I called her to mock, I asked why it’s the worst job in the world. She said she hates ‘cold calling’ because people are so rude to her when she calls. “She won’t last long in this job!” I thought to myself.

My advice was to eliminate the term ‘cold calling’ from her vocabulary. It’s a horrible phrase and it conjures up all sorts of horrible scenarios, such as flicking through the yellow pages and calling people randomly at the very time they sit down to have their dinner. Annoying, frustrating, time wasting and plain bad marketing if you ask me.

“There are better ways” I told her!

Targeted or ‘warm calling’ is a much more user-friendly term and with warm calling, the people you call will warmly receive your offers because they have ‘opted in’ and put their hand out to welcome you first. You have permission to handshake in a sense.

I believe cold calling is a dying art, or I hope it is anyway. Having said this, rather than my cousin going back to the dole queue, I feel like I should help. And so I’ve decided to write a ‘Tips Booklet’ for her entitled ’10 ways to get great results from ‘cold calling’. The first tip will be to scrap the name cold calling…

I’ll have it done in a few weeks – just before my cousin gives up the job – so if you fancy a copy, please leave me a comment below and I will contact you for your address. If you don’t leave a comment, I promise not to call… ūüôā

Thanks for reading. Toby