For those who continue their NLP journey with us through to Master Practitioner, there comes a time when they visit our offices up in Eaglesfield and I finally get to put faces to names who I speak to throughout their training. Also, it gives you the chance to find out that I do exist and I’m not a robot who sits at a PC all day!

It would seem now that I have become somewhat famous among our delegates for a certain skill I have… making Malteser Cake! So, as promised, here is the recipe (unfortunately, I have no idea where it came from as my Mum was given it by my boyfriend’s Mum years ago!):

Malteser Crunch Traybake

4oz margarine
1tblsp of golden syrup
13oz of milk chocolate
10oz digestive biscuits
6oz of Maltesers

In a pan melt 4oz margarine, 1tblsp of golden syrup and 6oz of chocolate. One this has all melted add 10oz of crushed digestive biscuits and 6oz of Maltesers.

Mix it all together and press into a tin. Put it in the fridge and allow to set for about 20-30 minutes.

When it’s cool and set cover with the remaining 7oz of melted chocolate and put it back in the fridge to allow to set.

You can get creative, and drizzle white chocolate over the top and add whole maltesers but, I like to keep things simple.

Have a go and ENJOY!

Rach x