A number of people have emailed to tell us that our video’s have not been working on customerhub and so I have dug up the master copies and uploaded them all onto YouTube for you to see if you wish.

I am amazed at how young Kate and I look… These were filmed before we had kids…

We are currently filming new video’s to update these versions filmed in 2006 and when they are available I will email and let you know…

In the mean time, here are the missing tutorial video’s to go with your MP3’s and manuals etc.

Just promise not to laugh…

NLP Eye Patterns

NLP Stacking Anchors

NLP Submodalities Like-To-Dislike

NLP Parts Integration

NLP Logical Levels of Therapy for the Phobia Model

NLP Phobia Model

NLP Milton Model

NLP Swish Pattern

Our old promo vide

A Firewalk event we put on in 2006 for charity