Welcome! We’re Toby and Kate McCartney, and we have so much that we wish to share with you!

We are Master Trainers of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), recognised by ‘The Association for Integrative Psychology’ (AIP).

We met each other at school – when we were 15 years old and have been married for 16 years now, and counting – and are proud parents of two little girls, India and Keira. We have a dog, 2 cats, and a pub in our back garden. We live in rural Dumfriesshire in Scotland (about 15 minutes over the English/Scottish border) and run our courses between Scotland and London.  We’ve been teaching and learning NLP for nearly 20 years (can it really have been so long?….) and have found most value when we have integrated the principles of NLP into both our personal and professional lives. We have worked with over 10,000 people who have studied with us so far.

We offer you several NLP training and coaching courses, as well as FREE NLP Foundation weekends. Whether you need to learn the basics of NLP, like Anchoring and State Management, Language Patterns and Linguistic Skills, Strategy and Behavioural changes, Personal Integration and many others, to master the skills you already have, or to become a coach yourself and help other people, we will be happy to work with you.

Our courses are often described as joining a ‘NLP Family’ – once you’ve trained with us, you can always return to our programmes whenever you wish to help yourself and others develop and grow even more than you first thought. There’s always room for improvement and personal growth – we know, after nearly 20 years we still keep learning from other practitioners. The culture that has been created around our training community or our ‘NLP Family’ is one of our proudest achievements.

It’s never easy writing about yourself…  but here are a few lines that we think sum it all up;

Our highest value is that of family and friends and we ‘work’ to create more time with them.  We will always remember that it’s those who join our programmes that keep us doing what we love and that’s why we over deliver with what we promise.  We are not simply ‘selling’ courses like so many others – we are building a circle of friends and family who can return to our programmes whenever they wish to help themselves and others develop even further than they first thought. We value sharing and learning from each other and we enjoy a culture of meaningful feedback on our courses.

We are honoured to be ‘Master Trainers’ of NLP, recognised by The Association for Integrative Psychology, and feel so lucky to do what we do with the people who join us on our programmes.  We are truly living our dream and with so few of us doing what we are doing at the level we are doing it, there is room for many more, so please come and meet us at one of our programmes – we would love to hear about your goals and dreams and how we can help you live yours.

And other’s have said some wonderful things about us. View them on our Testimonials page.