The NLP Practitioner Training Course is our flagship course and your first real step in your journey with NLP.

If you want EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS, do something “extraordinary”, study NLP with us. Learn how to use “Anchoring”, “Submodalities” “Internal Programming” and the “world’s most powerful replication skills” to change your negative behaviours at a deep unconscious level.

Here are some of those who took The NLP Practitioner Programme with us this year and you can see by the smiles on their faces what they thought of it all…

Why Become A NLP Practitioner?

The truth is this differs for each person. Here are a number of typical reasons:

  • Eradicate problems & emotions that hold you back…
  • Make more of your life and find your true purpose…
  • build compelling relationships…
  • Create feelings of lasting and powerful confidence…
  • Communicate more effectively with others to sell, manage, negotiate, heal, lead and inspire…
  • Gain new, world-class skills…

How Many Days Is The NLP Practitioner Course?

4 days, always over a weekend (e.g Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon). The 2 days covered during the NLP Foundation Weekend go towards the required hours for this level of certification (Full certification = 6 days + Home learning pack)

What Will I Learn?

We cover every aspect of the NLP Practitioner certification including:

  • Well Formed Outcomes – Learn how to create compelling, successful goals every time
  • Representational Systems – Learn how to understand yourself and others
  • Submodalities – Learn how to use your brain’s programming language
  • Language Patterns – Change your world through the words you use
  • Anchoring & State Management – Change the way you feel anytime you like
  • Strategies – Change your behaviours and unwanted habits
  • Personal Integration – Resolve internal conflict and gain congruence and understanding
  • Time Empowerment Techniques – Learn how to release emotions from the past
  • Beliefs – Learn how to change limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs
  • Phobia Model – Eradicate phobias in yourself and others
  • Learning Strategies – Learn how to teach, coach and lead others

People working with us one-to-one, and in a group setting:

Bonus Materials

Everything you need to know about NLP is given to you even before you attend the training. We send you access to our specially produced, top quality, NLP audio and video programme. This online programme takes you step-by-step through all the key topics, giving you a clear and practical understanding of what NLP is and how to apply it. These materials are easy to listen to, informative and great fun, and are yours to refer to before and after the training. Certification is important, but it’s the skills gained that really enable you to hit your peak!

Can I Study To Become A NLP Practitioner From Home?

Yes… With us you can. Our 3 month Home Learning Programme covers everything you would learn on the live training via weekly audio and video tutorials. We give you access to our online systems where you can listen to our audio tutorials, download our manuals and answer our weekly homework questionnaires. You work with a NLP tutor (qualified NLP Trainer) who will support you through the programme.  Once you complete a module, it will be marked by your tutor and feedback will be sent to you. When you have completed all of the modules and tasks, we award you with your new qualification as a NLP Practitioner.

Is The Course Accredited And Recognised?

Yes. We are both recognised ‘NLP Master Trainers’. We are an approved training institute with The Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP). Our programmes lead to certification as a ‘Certified NLP Practitioner’ through the AIP.

How much is the course?

The Live training: £3000 +vat or you can study the NLP Practitioner via Home-study: £1800 +vat. We offer payment plans up to 16 months – Please call for details.

So, what should I do now?

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Where is the Practitioner Course?

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