Your course was absolutely amazing! I have no words to express my gratitude. I learned a lot.

As I told you, I was amazed about the image of ‘the chair at the back’, that really spoke to me and am sure I want to digest this, because it’s so profound, almost zen. By the way, am glad you are a buddhist. I also found the ‘cat and dog’ categories amazing. There is a lot of food for thought, cat food and dog food…

I found all the videos very inspiring. I knew the Bleep one and seeing it again was actually very good. The handout, which you used with the lady for stopping her to smoke is amazing. Thank you for showing us how to use it!

Your stories were all very inspiring. You managed to interest and teach us all, even we were at different levels. A wonderful weekend! It would have been nice to meet your wife, but we had to concentrate so much all the time and you were talking about her a lot, that it’s almost as if we know Kate now, so thank you both very much!