John Carter tells us about his journey with Toby and Kate.

Miles Grant tells us about his journey with Toby and Kate.

Dedicated to Our Development

First of all, Well done if you are choosing Toby and Kate McCartney to take your NLP studies with. I did the same after a lot of research several years ago and am so happy that I took my studies with them! If you have already met Toby and Kate, you will have learned that their approach to NLP training is refreshing. Their honesty and light hearted, fun style is rare and a style that makes learning so easy. Toby and Kate integrate NLP into all aspects of their life. The training room, their businesses, family life and forms a key role in their relationship together. Toby and kate have trained over 10,000 in the art and science of NLP over the last 10 or so years and speak professionally on the subject all over the world. They are internationally recognised NLP Master Trainers and Speakers and attract people from across the globe to hear them speak. I met Toby and Kate through the same route as you are about to take, on a course they were taking. They have become the best of friends with my wife and I and I see this relationship with everyone they invite onto their courses. My NLP friends often comment that the training with Toby and Kate is like being part of a family, but a family we love to visit! My life has changed significantly since training with Toby and Kate, as will yours. They are without a doubt, the most sincere, professional, down to earth trainers and speakers worldwide, dedicated to our development. Enjoy your journey. Perhaps we will meet soon

Mike Hall
NLP Trainer, Australia


Toby and Kate deliver more then they say and I love the fact that I can come back again for FREE. GREAT!

Gill Close


Brilliant! On a par with the best ones I did at Cranfield School of Management.

Alex Agricola

A Real Joy

The practitioners course was fantastic. I gained a phenominal amount from it and my wife agrees. My days at work have been a real joy, something I haven’t been able to truthfully say for a long time.

Andy Donnell

A Joy to Train With

Kate and Toby are a joy to train with. Their attitude and enthusiasm are both fantastic. If you fancy doing an NLP course, I’m not sure you could do better than train with WestOne.

Elizabet Hern

Resonates Wonderfully

Toby and Kate, you were unbelievable. The week still resonates wonderfully with me every day and will for the rest of my life. I am a beautifully enhanced human being. Your style of training is warm, embracing, and to the point. People listen when you speak. The two of you have an amazing rapport, with each other and with everyone who comes into contact with you. I felt so attached to the two of you I felt sad to leave!


Absolutely Fantastic

I have been on so many courses with W1NLP courses and found them absolutely fantastic. I learned so much more than what I thought I would learn, and left the course being able to practice everything. When Toby and Kate teach, it does not seem like they are teaching you but a friend/family passing a wealth of knowledge to you and without realising you have complete the course and are able to implement all that you have learned.

Hiren Patel

Training was Excellent

I thoroughly enjoyed the (NLP Prac) week. The training was excellent; intensive yet relaxed (!), very practically focussed and delivered to fit the needs of the trainees/students. The rapport and supportiveness of the entire group was tangible

W1NLP Feedback Survey

Totally Different Outlook

Toby and Kate have created a website that is very easy to navigate, the content is factual and interesting. I think that there is a course there for any one who wants to improve their lives and the people around them. my first step was to click onto the west one web page. a few months later my life has completely changed, i have a new career a totally different outlook on life and a future that every day gives me an excitement that i once only dreamt of.thank you toby and kate i will be forever grateful.

W1NLP Feedback Survey

One of the Best Courses

The NLP Practitioner course was one of the best courses I’ve ever been on – and I’ve done a lot during my career as a Senior Manager in the NHS!

W1NLP Feedback Survey

Very Professional

WestOne provided a very professional service throughout. It was a pleasure to be part of their course and I would willingly recommend them to anyone.

W1NLP Feedback Survey


Kate and Toby were inspirational trainers and also very supportive and patient. I would recommned the practitioner course to anyone who wants to take control of their destiny and gain some useful tools and techniques to help other people do the same.

W1NLP Feedback Survey

Fun and Flexible

If you are looking for trainers who are open, warm, informed, fun and flexible, these are the guys to train with

Mandy Harkin
Busness Consultant KPMG

Forever Grateful

This course has affected me far more deeply than any other course I have ever done, it just feels right to me, from the pre-suppositions to the processes. I will be forever grateful for the experiences that both of Toby and Kate and the group provided in such a caring, safe and fun environment! Thank you! The time I spent with you and the group learning and discovering things, not only about NLP, but about myself, has allowed me to open up to all the possibilities in my life and to believe now that anything is possible.

Tania Fox
WestOne NLP Practitioner


I arrived on this course apprehensive and uncertain, but knew this is what I wanted to do. After 7 days of inspiring, patient and committed training from Kate and Toby, I was not disappointed with the journey, and will be returning for some more.

Louis Hankins
WestOne NLP Practitioner

Eye Opener

Thank you guys. The NLP Practitioner course was a real eye opener. Everyone should know about this!

David Hughes
WestOne NLP Practitioner

You’re worth it!

I have just finished the intensive NLP Certified Practitioner Training with Kate and Toby McCartney of WestOne. I have 30 years experience in education as a teacher, Headteacher, advisor, inspector and trainer and I can confidently say that it has been the best training and development experience I have ever experienced. Kate and Toby’s attention to detail in running the course is second to none. They are genuinely interested in every attendee, taking enormous pains to support each person and consider their well being. Every day of the course, they arrived early to support participants on a one to one basis, as necessary. If they took a tea, coffee or lunch break, I didn’t spot it – and they stayed behind every evening, chatting, talking things through, making sure that everyone was comfortable with the day’s learning before going off for the evening. Their course organisation, timings and room organisation were impeccable. The learning that Kate and Toby led / guided / facilitated / supported during our week together was extremely impressive – personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually. Partly, this is the power of NLP, but, without such expert guidance, the experience would not have been so effective and affirming. Many people on our course, including myself, experienced significant personal growth. We all left with an enormous toolkit of ideas and strategies as well as the essential understandings that underpin their use. I would recommend Kate and Toby’s training to anyone. If you are considering it – take a risk, you won’t regret it. If you think it’s expensive; ask yourself – compared to what? How much will it cost me NOT to take this course? Dare to dream – you’re worth it!

Barbara Reseigh
Headteacher, Qualified WestOne NLP Practitioner

Dynamic People

You are two of the most dynamic people I have met and demonstrate a clear belief in what you do.

Alex Agricola
.com business owner, WestOne NLP Practitioner

Thank You

Your support, before, during and after the course has led us to the successes we are both achieving today. The words ‘thank you’ do not express our feelings enough.

Kieren and Jai Gallen
Directors of, WestOne NLP Practitioners

Love Love Love

Thank you a million times for making this wonderful weekend possible. What you create with your generosity and kindness is priceless. I look forward to coming back to the practice groups and re connecting with you and the other great people that i met on the course.

Rosemary Coady
NLP Practitioner and Coach

I will definitely continue my NLP adventure

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the 4 days with you. I needed to wait a while with that because the feelings I had after were so strong and overwhelming that I wasn’t sure if I could put anything in words. It’s was a magical experience!!!!!!!! I have learned so much – about myself and the world around me. The NLP gives such powerful tools and techniques itself but the most important- I am so happy that I had a chance to discover them with you. You are great Guides! I felt the passion and sincerity beaming from you and that is what made these moments so special. Thank you for your kindness, patience, positive attitude, great sense of humour, and for a great fun! I will definitely continue my NLP adventure, and it’s important to me to continue it with you, I cannot imagine otherwise and I’m looking forward to being there the next time.

Helena Blanchet
NLP Practitioner

Staggeringly enthusiastic

Toby McCartney is staggeringly enthusiastic about his field of knowledge and practice which he presented in a very ‘real’ and personable way. I appreciated the use of anecdote and humour to support the introduction of NLP and give the theory relevance within the personal and professional setting. Absolutely fabulous Toby, thank you for new awareness and impetuous to face some significant ghosts.

Sarah L

Inspiring, Motivating and Engaging

I found Toby and Kate McCartney Training Services to be inspiring, motivating and engaging!


One of the best speakers I have ever met

Toby was one of the best speakers I have ever met, perfectly controlling the situation of what follows next with good timing so nobody gets bored making the subject very interesting. It was a great pleasure and experience to attend the classes, it felt like on a weekend retreat. A few weeks passed after the course and I still remember this excellent presentation.

Rasa V

Thank you doesn’t seem a big enough word

Thank you doesn’t seem a big enough word really! I’m so glad to have discovered the wonder that is NLP for so many different reasons and I am very much looking forward to the on-going journey. You guys have such a lovely, warm, genuine and engaging style which puts everyone at ease.

I feel like a changed person already and other people have already commented so I look forward to keeping you posted on my adventures and catching up again on the practice groups!

Huge thanks again!

Dawn Smedley


I was stuck in a desert where everything was appealing, but nothing would scream ‘dream career’ to me. Now it’s clearer, thanks to you. It was a pleasure to meet you and to feel your energy and passion for your career. You are truly inspiring!

Laura Cota

Great Experience

Thank you ever so much for the great experience and I wish you both all the best, go on to inspire and change people’s life through your amazing rapport, you love and kindness, you business will grow even more bigger because of who you both are.

Thank you for the tools that will change my life. Thank you xx

Kemi Folarin
Senior Manager, YPMCharity


Each time I attend one of your courses I feel I move forward as a human being – I have come away from this course with many many learnings. Toby and Kate, another FANTASTIC ! Experience.

Diane Winfield

Brilliant Course

Thank you very much for giving me the honour of spending an excellent few days in your company. It was a brilliant course and I look forward to doing the master practitioner soon.

Masuma Kassam

Mucho Love

First of all, a massive thank you for a fantastic long weekend. I really enjoyed the training, and think that both of you are absolutely fantastic as trainers and individuals.

It was great watching you two working together in such synchronicity and spreading so much positive energy around. I admire people who can be so friendly, inspiring and certainly have the spirit.

Asia and I went to Starbucks around the corner; we just didn’t want to go home (as if staying in the area meant that the day wasn’t finished yet). After spending four days in such dynamic environment I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to be around ‘normal’ people again 🙂 The very same day we did some work on ourselves and realised there is still much to be done. You were right when you said that this just the beginning. In a way, every day is a new beginning.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Mucho Love.

Inga Kavoliunaite

Fantastic Experience

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience I have met so many wonderful people including you both. I am still on a high and am looking forward to practice sessions. You both make NLP easy to understand, your care and consideration is much appreciated and your hard work really is noticed, you should both be very proud of what you give to others . Thank you again and I will see you soon.

Shamaine Khan
A Mum

Profound Changes

I really feel that profound changes have been made to my sense of self in the foundation courses I have attended, and I am really excited about carrying on with the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses. Many thanks for your help and your understanding – I never feel that any question I ask you will be treated as if it is silly or stupid and I feel that your company is very ethical and caring.

Diane Winfield

Great Feedback

Hi there! Just though I’d drop you a quick line to tell you about something that happened today.

Our Director, whom I don’t speak to all that much, decided he’d give me some feedback…

He said that my communication is much clearer, much crisper and that I appear more confident. To get these comments from this individual means a lot to me, I guess partially as whenever he sees me he used to go on about how much my “communication” (whatever that means to him!) needs improving. He also commented that I appear to listen more! Result!

Its only been a week and a bit since the practitioner course and a sign if things to come (it was hard taking the word hopefully out of that sentence!)
Thanks again! Hope you are both well and look forward to seeing you at the practice sessions.

Best wishes.

Carol Hanks
NLP Practitioner

Thank You Both

Hi Toby and Kate, thanks for your e-mail and for all the support you and Kate give.  I couldn’t ask for any more and I know that you both truly mean it which makes me feel in safe hands but also supported.   I wanted to e-mail you anyway to say a big thank you for what a powerful, fun and interesting weekend.  The more and more I think about it the more and more I know my future is in this field and what exciting opportunities lay ahead.

It was great to meet Kate.  I felt like I knew her with listening to her voice on the CD’s every day.  She is very charming and you both have a natural easy way to teach people.  If I am half as success as you both I will be very happy.

Thank you both so much.

Lucy Jacobs
NLP Practitioner

Many Many Thanks

Lots of other things going on as well – volunteering in Cambodia; new IT Consultancy business – FREEDOM TO DO WHATEVER I WANT – that’s what I aimed for last year and achieved it! No more working for a Corporate and having someone else decide what happens to me or what I do!
Many Many Thanks to the both of you for your support on my NLP journey! More updates to come.

Mina Vickers
NLP Trainer

A Massive Thank-You

Firstly a massive thank-you for many things: the learning journey that I have been on; giving me a new “family” with a common purpose and love for singing and dancing :); providing an environment that allows us to learn and grow; being role models yourself and living and breathing what you are teaching us and finally also making it all great fun along the way.

I also admire your ability to be accessible and show vulnerability, it’s easy to teach the theory – the difference that you have is not only engaging our minds through teaching but also engaging our hearts with your own stories and chats over tea and lunch.

Dee Van Zyl
Marketing Director, Mars

Huge Role in My Success

Hi Toby, You may not remember me but I came to one of your NLP taster weekends a little over a month ago. The visualisation exercise (where we imagined ourselves at a specific time in the future) really resonated with me and so I started to use it immediately. On the monday (literally the day after the weekend) I applied and got an interview for my dream job. After the interview I was invited back the next day for a second interview and now in January I will begin work as the one of youngest (according to my new boss) reporters for the Financial Times anywhere in the world. The exercises you taught me gave me a real feeling of clarity and confidence that I’ve yet to experience from anything else (having practised transcendental meditation for 2 years now) and I’m certain that they played a huge role in my success. I just thought I’d let you know so that if you wanted to share my story with people thinking about taking your course as it could help them get a sense of the massive and immediate difference it can make. I’m planning to sign up as soon as I’m out of student debt and in a comfortable financial position. Best wishes and thank you for everything.

Thomas Dines
Financial Times Reporter

Another Colour

I feel as though I’ve been shown another colour in the rainbow.

Lisa Ames
NLP Practitioner

Best Course I’ve Ever Attended

Having just attending this years Presentation Skills Workshop I’d recommend that anyone who is involved in presenting, managing people or training attends. Presentation Skills is just one aspect of the course and it’s so much more that that… You get information on how to look intelligent which speaking and listening in front of people, how to get your message across both verbally and more importantly non-verbally plus group dynamics and charismatic leadership. Combine that with the wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience that Michael has and the sheer joy of getting to spend 4 days with a man who is so giving with his time, his tutorage and his friendship. You do not need to know anything about NLP in order to attend, all you need is the willingless to learn and an openess to do so in an environment which is safe, energised and above all fun! This is the best course I’ve ever attended.

Andy Coley
NLP Trainer

Most Productive Weekend

I would urge anyone to go along on the free seminar if they are even just mildly curious about NLP – it may prove be the most productive weekend they have ever had!

Mandy Mercado


I had a lot to thank you for even before any of this Master Practice-Jedi stuff-even happened. Now I am just completely blown away and thank you just doesn’t seem to say enough. It comes to me that the best way to possibly express thanks for any of this is just to be as brilliant as I can possibly be at it – whatever it is, you know what I mean!

The opportunity to meet and connect with Martin and Judy was such a privilege. Brilliant.

Sue Quigley

Amazing Learning Environment

Thanks again for a fantastic module 1 of The NLP Master Practitioner. What an amazing learning environment you both create.

Dee van zyl
Mars Marketing Director

Changed My Life

Just to say another huge heart felt thank you for the last week. It has absolutely changed my life! I actually used some clean language in an improvisation for a bank commercial casting this morning – to great success!

Paul Houghton

Extremely Grateful

I wanted to share with you that since both your course and your sessions, my light has come on over the weekend after reflecting on the course and using some strategies. My energies are at a completely different level and I have moved out that dark hole to not only find my old self but a better self. Every person I have come into contact with since the last weeks course is blown away by the difference in myself and rightly so they are taking a bit of that energy as they too have been on this journey with me. So I wanted to thank you both for everything you have done, it’s been amazing and I am extremely grateful. (oh and excited knowing it’s just the start!).

Cath Atkin
Business owner, Dumfriesshire

I Did It

As I plan my next goals on the NLP journey I wanted to share my “I did it” with you.
Do you remember my Sales Mastery Modelling Project and the outcome included in there – to achieve my personal annual sales target in 6 months. I did it in 6 months and 2 weeks!!!!!!!! So just wanted to share this with you as without your support it would not be possible, and of course I want to show off at work all my certificates and say that this is what I was spending my free time on and incorporate my project in Sales Coaching training at work.

Iwona Karlo

Highly Recommend

A Fantastic balance of humour and information. Fabulous training delivery style. I would highly recommend you attending.

Mona Grogan

Very Inspiring

Your course was absolutely amazing! I have no words to express my gratitude. I learned a lot.

As I told you, I was amazed about the image of ‘the chair at the back’, that really spoke to me and am sure I want to digest this, because it’s so profound, almost zen. By the way, am glad you are a buddhist. I also found the ‘cat and dog’ categories amazing. There is a lot of food for thought, cat food and dog food…

I found all the videos very inspiring. I knew the Bleep one and seeing it again was actually very good. The handout, which you used with the lady for stopping her to smoke is amazing. Thank you for showing us how to use it!

Your stories were all very inspiring. You managed to interest and teach us all, even we were at different levels. A wonderful weekend! It would have been nice to meet your wife, but we had to concentrate so much all the time and you were talking about her a lot, that it’s almost as if we know Kate now, so thank you both very much!

Anna Basaldua

Open and Enthusiastic

I attended Toby & Kate McCartney’s NLP Practitioner course and was at this years NLP Conference. They are so open, enthusiastic, and genuinely care. I look forward to the NLP Master Practitioner.

Paul Houghton

Clear Explanations

A very warm welcome which dispelled any nerves.Clear explanations, and as a tutor I could see the sessions had been well planned and structured. No pressure on me individually to do any exercise or to talk about personal issues. For me this was very important as I would have found it very difficult emotionally at the moment.

Tricia Etherton

So Educational and Invigorating

I found Toby and Kate to be very welcoming, relaxed, and easy to communicate with. Everything was explained clearly and I could follow their advice without any problem. There was a very caring and considerate atmosphere and within two days I had a great feeling of being uplifted.

Shamaine Khan
Manhattan Limousines

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