We are often asked “Why should I take my courses with you over anyone else?”
We answer with “How long have you got?”

  1. We are two of just a few ‘NLP Master Trainers’ in the UK and our programmes are recognised and regulated by one of the most prestigious boards; The Association For Integrative Psychology (AIP);
  2. There are always two of us on the courses and we always have assistants to help each programme run smoothly;
  3. We make sure all of our courses are run in a safe, quality, care-free environment;
  4. We provide 2 x FREE practice Groups each month for anyone who attends our courses. One face-to-face in London and one via Cisco’s video webinar system;
  5. Re-attend our courses, for FREE, as one of our guests. e.g. If you book a Live Practitioner course, you can re-attend our Practitioner Courses for free (We run 4 a year) . There is no time limit on this and you can re-attend as many times as you wish;
  6. We limit our numbers to just 35 people per course;
  7. A personal tutor will work with you on each and every course. You will have access to a qualified personal tutor before, during and after each course you attend;
  8. All home-study programmes come with a personal tutor;
  9. Professionally produced pre-study tutorial videos, audio files and manuals are sent to you immediately after you book a course;
  10. We have a large network of clients looking to be coached – as someone booking a course with us, you have access to that network;
  11. We run an annual conference where you can see a variety of speakers and trainers in the personal and professional field;
  12. We work with leaders in the personal and professional field and invite them on to our NLP Master Practitioner Courses. Leaders like Sue Knight – The Author of NLP at Work, Marin Wyse – John Grinders top assistant, Judy Rees – Ex-Journalist and Clean language expert and Michael Grinder – Body Language expert and the Brother of John Grinder the NLP-Co-Creator;
  13. We offer clear, flexible payment plans – up to 16 months;
  14. We make ourselves available for you and welcome you into our NLP family.
  15. Please see our testimonials page

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