Clean language is one of the most powerful language tools we use in NLP to explore our clients metaphorical landscape and maps of the world without implying our own. I had a session with a friend of mine recently over skype (You don’t even need to be in the same room as your clients), and she agreed that I could post it to my blog for you all to learn from. Thank you Fran. x

[15/02/2010 17:30:05] Toby: and… that’s like what?[15/02/2010 17:31:07] francesca: well physically right now it’s my arms, they tense up like and i lerch forward a bit like i’m stopping myself from jumping[15/02/2010 17:32:06] francesca: i’m not sure emotionally…well …I’m getting the sense that i do know, i just don’t want to go there…hhhmmm that’s like what?[15/02/2010 17:32:10] francesca: uuumm[15/02/2010 17:32:26] francesca: it’s scary[15/02/2010 17:33:03] Toby: and… if you let go… like jumping… thats like what?[15/02/2010 17:33:31] francesca: dangerous….I feel like I’m jumping off a cliff[15/02/2010 17:34:00] Toby: and scary and dangerous… whats the relationship between them and letting go and jumping?[15/02/2010 17:34:31] francesca: just voiding a second[15/02/2010 17:34:39] francesca: :)[15/02/2010 17:35:10] francesca: it’s where I’m going to land[15/02/2010 17:35:17] francesca: it’s jumping without knowing[15/02/2010 17:35:46] Toby: and without knowing where you are going to land – is there anything else about that?[15/02/2010 17:36:28] francesca: well…the pictures kind of shifted now[15/02/2010 17:36:40] Toby: shifted…?[15/02/2010 17:38:17] francesca: before I could see myself jumping off a cliff and I couldn’t see where I was going…felt like I was going to land on rocks…dead…but now the angle has changed and I can see me jumping into the sea[15/02/2010 17:38:22] francesca: more like a game[15/02/2010 17:39:00] francesca: hardly any tide[15/02/2010 17:39:03] francesca: calmer[15/02/2010 17:39:38] Toby: So by changing the angle, you can see it’s calmer?[15/02/2010 17:39:53] francesca: yeah…I can see where I’m landing[15/02/2010 17:40:23] Toby: So when you think about ‘tense up’ can you change the angle to see it calmer?[15/02/2010 17:43:15] francesca: uuummm…I think so. I feel better now about jumping, now that the angle is changed it seems fun, like I want to jump…but something’s connected to the tense up with the auditions and chatting to that girl that isn’t the same as jumping[15/02/2010 17:43:21] francesca: it’s more like sinking[15/02/2010 17:43:24] francesca: oh god sorry![15/02/2010 17:43:35] francesca: what a nightmare![15/02/2010 17:44:20] Toby: and can you change the angle of sinking?[15/02/2010 17:44:48] francesca: no…because I can feel it not see it[15/02/2010 17:45:03] Toby: and when you feel it, thats like what?[15/02/2010 17:45:57] francesca: it’s like a sinking feeling in my chest…like quicksand…or a sand time…pours down and it’s really heavy[15/02/2010 17:46:10] francesca: *sandtimer[15/02/2010 17:46:26] francesca: like a sinking feeling[15/02/2010 17:46:40] Toby: and what would you like to have happen?[15/02/2010 17:47:17] francesca: I’m kind of doing it…I’m changing the direction[15/02/2010 17:47:32] francesca: and now it’s shooting out of my chest…[15/02/2010 17:47:38] francesca: how embarrassing![15/02/2010 17:47:48] Toby: and changing the direction…. and what happens next?[15/02/2010 17:48:41] francesca: it’s like a white light pouring out of my chest….releasing the heaviness[15/02/2010 17:48:53] francesca: it feels calmer now[15/02/2010 17:50:16] Toby: and what happens next?[15/02/2010 17:50:27] francesca: i breathe[15/02/2010 17:50:47] francesca: and push my shoulders back[15/02/2010 17:50:48] Toby: and is there anything else?[15/02/2010 17:51:00] francesca: yes…[15/02/2010 17:51:06] francesca: thank you[15/02/2010 17:51:39] Toby: No need to thank me…[15/02/2010 17:51:52] francesca: yes there is[15/02/2010 17:52:15] francesca: that was so weird…I didn’t even know that was in there![15/02/2010 17:52:39] francesca: Thank you![15/02/2010 17:52:57] Toby: You are very welcome