By Toby McCartney Monday 10th May 2010
I’m in London this week running an NLP Practitioner training course in the Penthouse apartment that we rent, next to to Hyde Park. The shelves are full of books here and I picked one up last night that I haven’t been able to put down. it’s called ‘The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari’.

We looked at TimeLine’s yesterday and I was reminded how important this work is for people, and how easily it can be replicated, even without attending a course like this one. One of the instructions in the book reads; “Begin to live your life through the glory of your imagination, and not through your memory,”. If we truly can understand that there are no mistakes, only lessons, and with those lessons we can design our future, the world really can be a different place for us all.

I task you for the next 21 days; Whenever you come across a challenge or a negative thought, use your imagination to dream of something positive and empowering instead. 21 days is all it will take for new positive habits to replace the old challenges like worry and anxiety. It sounds easy, and it it is, all you need to do is remember to do it. Give it 21 days and feedback to me here. Love Toby. xxx