By Toby McCartney, September 2010.

A useful tip to help your business. I took this idea from Jurgen Wolffs book ‘Do something different’.

When Viagra first came out, a chemist named Independent DC wanted to be able to attract customers, even though the larger chains were offering the drug for less money.

They advertised that every customer who filled in a Viagra prescription with them would get a free bottle of wine to add romance to the moment.

The press, looking for new angles on the Viagra story gave the store major coverage, which led to an increase in customers instantly.

Just about any product or service can be made newsworthy in one way or another. In this case, the press interest in the Viagra phenomenon was already massive, but the big problem was how to find a different angle on it, and that’s what this store provided. If you can piggyback on a topic that is already of interesting to the media, its much easier to grab their attention.

Ask yourself which aspects of your business are most likely to be newsworthy? Can you think of a news topic that you can use as a basis for a promotion or contest.

Once a week or once a month, sit down with some colleagues with a pile of recent newspapers or news magazines, and mastermind together to come up with developing stories that might lend themselves in some way to being linked with your business.
If for example there has been a disaster, like a flood or a fire, can your business help in some way that could be of interest to the press?

Build up contacts with members of the press so that when you have a newsworthy articles you will know who to contact…

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