“Don’t strike when the iron is hot, make it hot by striking.”

Just write. Write something. Anything. Just write. Simple instructions really. So here I am – just writing. And it’s strange really as this theme of ‘just do it’ was very present when I was coaching earlier today. If we ‘wait’ until we feel good before living our life, it could well be a very, very long wait…

There is a term  (well it’s frame of thinking really) in NLP known as ‘act as if’. And it does what it says on the tin – we act ‘as if’ we are confident, or happy, or brave (or whatever emotion we would like more of). Not ‘pretending’ so much as we adopt how it would be if we were that way.
For example, what behaviour might you more of? Patience? Confidence? Contentment? Ask yourself, what would I look like when I have that? How would I stand? Move? Get a sense of that. Then step into it. Looking through your own eyes, allow the emotions associated to flood through you. Now you are ‘acting as if’. Rather than waiting for a new way of feeling we create one, and then, guess what? Then we feel different. I think that’s why I like the quote

“Don’t strike when the iron is hot, make it hot by striking.”

Also, along with ‘just do it’ is ‘just do its sister – ‘just say it’! My client sheepishly today,
“I want to be able to let go.”
When I requested that she say that in the present tense and add movement to the sentence she, at first muttered,
“I am letting go and moving forward”, which was accompanied with an incongruent squint, strained expression.
“I don’t believe that yet”, she added
“I think I’m going to need to say that a few more times before I believe it. My answer: say it then.

So she did, and with each time her body straightened. Her head became central, shoulders back. Her voice louder. Then a long pause, an emotional shift – a realisation. Firstly just words, then movement in the body, commitment in the voice, then an emotion, then the formation of an empowering new belief.

30 minutes ago I had no idea I had this many words to share. My sense is ‘just write’, ‘just do it’, ‘just say it’ – the rest catches up.

Love Kate