It’s only taken 11 years of work, but we hope you will agree it’s worth it in the end when you read The NLP Practitioner: A Practitioners Toolkit.
We wanted to create a jargon free guide to NLP and pack our book with step-by-step explanations and diagrams that untangle the mysteries of how to get outstanding results and success in your life, and I think we have achieved that. Whether you’re a complete beginner, and avid student or an armchair expert, you’ll find lot’s of food for thought in our book.

This book was written by us but is very much for you. Get a copy, use it, write in it, highlight areas, even rip bits out and add in your own notes. Make sure your copy gets really ‘dog eared’ by being so well used. We don’t want to see any new looking books on our courses!

Here’s where to get hold of your copy:

Enjoy x