I wouldn’t usually share these viral marketing campaigns, but this one captured me… The question that was asked is “Are you ‘beautiful’ or are you ‘average’?”.

Both words have so many meanings. Some people see someone ‘beautiful’ because they look sexy and dress well. Some see people as ‘beautiful’ because they are loving and caring or a combination of both of these, and there are a whole host of ways to describe the ‘beauty’ we see in others – as there is with the word ‘average’. When I lost my Grandfather a few years ago and I was grieving, there came a time when I spent an hour thinking of the fun times I had with him during my school holidays, rather than of his passing away – it may be an average hour normally, but in the context, this hour was a ‘beautiful’ one. Average isn’t always average.

Then we ponder over what we think of ourselves. Perhaps through the negative outside influences we unconsciously take on in our lives, our true, inner ‘beauty’ is sometimes lost, diluted or misinterpreted. If my children said to me that they are ‘average’, I would encourage them to consider themselves as ‘beautiful’ because I wish for them to recognise that for themselves. As their Daddy, I tell them a million times a day that they are ‘beautiful’, but that is not nearly as powerful as to ‘teach’ them how to recognise that ‘beauty’ for themselves.

The task we have as NLP facilitators, I believe, is to guide people into finding the beauty that they can recognise for themselves – to look beyond the common definitions of the word ‘beauty’, and to define our own – to understand that ‘beauty’ is not out of reach, but it is, and can be defined as; ‘you’… Beautiful = You