I received a call this morning from an sullen sounding lady asking about attending NLP and Coaching courses.  She said “I will only take a course with you if there is no joking around and you take ‘this stuff’ seriously.”

I replied with “Well, we believe that learning can be, and should be, fun.  We promote a fun learning environment and create experiences on our courses for people to learn from.  We think laughter is wonderful, and wish there was more of it in the world.”

She repeated again “I only want to learn with a ‘serious’ training company and I don’t like joking around while I’m trying to learn.”

Before putting the phone down, I replied with “I don’t think we are perhaps the company for you.” I sent her these pictures taken on a recent NLP Practitioner Training with Kate and I in London and wished her all the best in finding a ‘serious’ company to train with.

Fun and laughter, I believe, is the backbone of learning. Toby – February 2016

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