Are you ready to #PRESENTANDWIN?

This is your chance to win a personal coaching session with The World’s Expert in Body Language, Michael Grinder and 7 days holiday in beautiful Dalyan, in Toby and Kate’s luxury villa. #PRESENTANDWIN is open to all of Toby and Kate’s NLP and Coaching clients.

Here’s how to #PRESENTANDWIN

Simple – follow these steps and submit your entry presentation before May 1st for your chance to win…

Tell us which NLP or Coaching tool or technique you have had most success with and answer these questions in a short video (less than 2 minutes):

  • On which ‘Toby and Kate’ course did you learn this technique?
  • Why did you then use the tool? (For which problem or outcome).
  • How does the technique work? (Briefly describe the steps).
  • What can you or your client/s now do/be that they couldn’t before your help with the technique.

Film your Presentation and upload it to YouTube and your social media accounts.
Send us the link to your video (

We will link your video to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  The top 3, with the most likes and combined visits will WIN A 1-to-1 COACHING SESSION WITH MICHAEL GRINDER THIS MAY.

A top video will also be chosen by Toby and Kate to win the 7 days holiday in their beautiful villa.  Toby and Kate will asses the video’s with the most ‘likes’, and ‘best pitch/presentation’.

All entries will be added to Toby and Kate’s websites and will include The NLP and Coaching Logo’s added by our technical team.