First of all, Well done if you are choosing Toby and Kate McCartney to take your NLP studies with. I did the same after a lot of research several years ago and am so happy that I took my studies with them! If you have already met Toby and Kate, you will have learned that their approach to NLP training is refreshing. Their honesty and light hearted, fun style is rare and a style that makes learning so easy. Toby and Kate integrate NLP into all aspects of their life. The training room, their businesses, family life and forms a key role in their relationship together. Toby and kate have trained over 10,000 in the art and science of NLP over the last 10 or so years and speak professionally on the subject all over the world. They are internationally recognised NLP Master Trainers and Speakers and attract people from across the globe to hear them speak. I met Toby and Kate through the same route as you are about to take, on a course they were taking. They have become the best of friends with my wife and I and I see this relationship with everyone they invite onto their courses. My NLP friends often comment that the training with Toby and Kate is like being part of a family, but a family we love to visit! My life has changed significantly since training with Toby and Kate, as will yours. They are without a doubt, the most sincere, professional, down to earth trainers and speakers worldwide, dedicated to our development. Enjoy your journey. Perhaps we will meet soon