Hi Toby, You may not remember me but I came to one of your NLP taster weekends a little over a month ago. The visualisation exercise (where we imagined ourselves at a specific time in the future) really resonated with me and so I started to use it immediately. On the monday (literally the day after the weekend) I applied and got an interview for my dream job. After the interview I was invited back the next day for a second interview and now in January I will begin work as the one of youngest (according to my new boss) reporters for the Financial Times anywhere in the world. The exercises you taught me gave me a real feeling of clarity and confidence that I’ve yet to experience from anything else (having practised transcendental meditation for 2 years now) and I’m certain that they played a huge role in my success. I just thought I’d let you know so that if you wanted to share my story with people thinking about taking your course as it could help them get a sense of the massive and immediate difference it can make. I’m planning to sign up as soon as I’m out of student debt and in a comfortable financial position. Best wishes and thank you for everything.